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Tessa Violet is a 31-year-old alternative indie music artist who began her career as a YouTuber back in 2007. She’s modeled, acted and directed music videos that often feature music from Christian artists such as Family Force 5 and Tedashii.

In 2014, she released her first album, Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled. And in 2019 she released her second album, Bad Ideas. And it’s from her sophomore effort that we find her latest hit: “Games.”

This track, featuringlovelytheband, focuses on a young woman who is ready to end a relationship with a man who has been unfaithful.


Tessa is done with a toxic relationship. Her boyfriend has abused her trust and she’s ready to let him go: “I don’t want a piece of that/’Cause I know there’s no peace in that.” She realizes that everything she thought was true, was really a lie. And she’s had enough: “And you keep on playing games with me, games/ … Boy you really oughta knock it off right now.”


Tessa’s boyfriend has been unfaithful and refuses to tell the truth: “And I long to take you at your word, but then/All along you’re hiding even when you’re by my side.”


Many a relationship has been shattered by unfaithfulness. And many a pop song has chronicled that deceit and dishonesty. So it is here. “Games” is all about Tessa breaking up with a boyfriend after he cheated on her and then lied about his actions. But Tessa has no patience for such a betrayal, and she lets him know clearly here that she won’t put up with it.

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