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We’ve covered a lot of Taylor Swift. We know. The problem is that everytime she comes out with a new song, it typically shoots to the top of the charts. And I’m here to tell you today just what this new chart topper, “Karma,” is all about. 

Technically, “Karma” is not new. In fact, it’s from her 2022 album, Midnights. But this latest iteration features Taylor Swift and guest singer, Ice Spice, and it’s on her 2023 album Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition), which features 10 new songs.

This song, and even the new corresponding video, feels like the quintessential Swift song–where “karma,” “good vibes” and profanity are all on her side. 




Swift is over this person who has been “talking s—  for the h— of it,” but she’s not necessarily worried about what they may say, because she’s convinced that all their bad deeds are “coming back around.” 

For her part, she keeps “her side of the street clean,” making sure that she stays on the good side of those things, and those people, that matter most. 

Because of this, “karma” is “a relaxing thought” for her. It’s like her “boyfriend,” a “god” or a “purring cat” that adores her because she and karma “vibe like that.” 

Ice Spice joins Swift, saying that, for her, karma looks like this person’s checks bouncing, or their house burning down; something that will never leave them alone. 


Revenge is not a new topic for Taylor Swift. And her newer albums have a decent amount of this theme, along with a lot of profanity as well (something that I think has disappointed many parents, as their young children may have grown up listening to Swift). 

“Karma” is no different. 

For starters, this three-minute song has a few profane words (“h—,” “s—,” “d–n” and “g-dd–n”) that cycle through the entire time. And in the accompanying video, red-and-black-dressed skeletons offer a crude gesture to Swift as she walks by. 

In addition, that new video (which has shot to No. 1 on YouTube in less than five days) is filled with provocative and problematic visuals, including shirtless men and scantily clad women dressed in black clothes and red demonic masks, dancing around Swift. It also shows Swift and Ice Spice wearing many outfits that are pretty revealing as they present themselves as goddesses throughout the video. 

This isn’t anything new for Swift, but it does give a pretty clear picture of the direction in which her music may be moving.

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