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If you harken back to the sixth season of NBC’s The Voice, you may remember a young, aspiring country artist by the name of Morgan Wallen. And even if you don’t remember him, you’re sure to know him now. 

Eight years later and 29-year-old Morgan Wallen is topping charts and selling out tour venues. With his signature mullet and country-grunge style, Wallen has become known for his smooth combinations of country, rock and pop, lacing these genres together in his latest single “You Proof,” as he attempts to drink away the memory of a woman. 


Wallen admits that drinking isn’t going to erase the memory of an ex-girlfriend (“But I guess I must be doing something wrong/’Cause I’ve been working hard to fade your memory”). 


However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping him. In fact, although he eventually concludes that alcohol won’t solve his problems, that doesn’t mean he has any intention of putting a stop to his bar visits (“Turn a bar, yeah, upside down/Just looking for something that does it/I’ll give ‘em all my money”) or his obscene amounts of alcohol consumption (“I’ve been sippin’, I’ve been buzzin’/Shootin’ doubles like it’s nothin’/…I need something you proof/Something stronger than I’m used to”). 

And although he knows he shouldn’t, he plans to mix whatever liquor is necessary to get this woman out of his head (“I’ve been mixing liquors trying to get you gone”). 


For anyone who has ever suffered a breakup, it’s natural to want to do almost anything that will help to speed up the healing process. For some, that may be taking up a new hobby, burning keepsakes or, in Wallen’s case, drinking way too much alcohol. 

Now, the hope is that the sufferer will find a more constructive, healthy way to heal, but Wallen doesn’t give a glimpse into any positive avenues toward healing. Really, the only tactic used here is repression and a false hope that drinks will drown potent memories.

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Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith joined the Plugged In team in 2017. Formerly a Spanish and English teacher, Kristin loves reading literature and eating authentic Mexican tacos. She and her husband, Eddy, love raising their children Judah and Selah. Kristin also has a deep affection for coffee, music, her dog (Cali) and cat (Aslan).