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Smiley Miley is rolling in with her latest track, “River”, from her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation. The song, a combination of pop and techno vibes, finds Miley Cyrus content with a new lover who might even be “the one.” 

And while that’s a sweet sentiment, the track is filled with sexual innuendo that’s not so subtle. And that innuendo (and more) extends all the way to the music video, in typical Miley Cyrus fashion. 


Cyrus credits her newfound happiness to a lover who is meeting her emotional needs (“Livin’ in an April shower/You’re pourin’ down, baby, drown me out”). One that she believes could be the father of her children (“You could be the one/Have the honor of my babies”). 


However, it’s clear that her needs are not just emotional. They’re more physical than anything (“I feel you everywhere/Your face is all in my hair/Covered up in your sweat/It turns me on that you care/Your love, it flows just like a river”). 


When I say Miley Cyrus you say … well, you might not know what to say. But you might know what to expect when it comes to what she puts out on YouTube. 

Miley begins her visual seduction with a black-and-white video, dancing on a stage in a tight, short black dress. She spends the rest of her time singing about this lover as shirtless men dance and writhe around her as she occasionally gropes their bodies. 

This is obviously a visual representation of what “river” could mean–and is best left in the land of innuendo.

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Kristin Smith

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