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If you’re trying to get over a past relationship, you might want to steer clear of Lewis Capaldi’s latest hit, “Forget Me.” In this pop piano ballad, which leans toward an ‘80s vibe in both sound and video aesthetics, Capaldi would rather a former lover destroy his name than forget him. 


Capaldi realizes that he made mistakes in his former relationship and he’s quick to admit them: “You said that I did everything wrong/And you’re not wrong/…Oh, I hate you know I made you cry.” 


But even though he knows he did wrong by this woman, he would rather her slander his name than forget about him: “Well, I’ll take all the vitriol, but not the thought of you moving on/…I’d rather hear how much you regret me/And pray to God that you never met me/Than forget me.” 

And slander him she does. Capaldi says that this woman has dragged his name “through the dirt” and told her friends she wants him “dead.” 


Scotland native Lewis Capaldi is probably best known for his heart-wrenching, chart-topping single, “Someone You Loved.” The song dealt with a breakup and all the pain that comes after love dies. And this latest song is trending the same way. 

It’s obvious that our narrator is struggling to move on from a former lover and hates the idea of being forgotten. The song is purely sentimental, with no poor language to pair. But parents should know that the video does find Capaldi in white underwear, lounging at a pool while women sport bikinis. 

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