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Justin Bieber is ramping up his marketing skills, doling out one track at a time for his upcoming fifth studio album, Changes. His latest song? “Intentions,” featuring Quavo from the well-known group Migos.

This track focuses on Justin declaring his love and commitment to his wife, Hailey, even as Quavo does the same for his girlfriend. It’s a sweet declaration from two men choosing to honor the women in their lives with their actions.

To My Intended …

Justin opens by telling his wife, Hailey, that she is everything he’s ever wanted (“Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter/Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer/… Heart full of equity, you’re an asset” ) and he intends to show her just how much she means to him (“Shower you with all my attention/ … Make sure that you don’t need no mentions”).

Similarly, Justin tells Hailey that her parents raised her well (“Shout-out to your mom and dad for makin’ you/Standin’ ovation, they did a great job raisin’ you”) and that she inspires him on multiple levels (“When I create, you’re my muse/ … Can’t nobody throw shade on your name in these streets/Triple threat, you’re a boss, you a bae, you a beast”).

Quavo seconds Justin, telling his own girlfriend what he loves about her (“No cap, no pretendin’/You don’t need so mentions”), while adding that he fully intends to marry her (“Attention, we need commitment/Both gotta admit it/ … I’ma find me a ring and pray it’s perfect fitted”).

… And to All the Rest

I always appreciate it when a song’s video avoids negative content and promotes an amazing cause while inspiring hope. And Justin and Quavo’s video for “Intentions” accomplishes all of the above.

The video opens like a documentary and focuses on various women and their stories, all from Los Angeles’ Alexandria House, a transitional residence. It addresses the hardships that the women have had to endure and how they’ve risen above their desperate circumstances with a desire to bring positive change within their communities.

It’s powerful and beautiful. And it gives the song a second meaning. Not only are Justin and Quavo singing to the women that they love, but they’re also honoring other women who have intentions to bring about much needed change.

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Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith joined the Plugged In team in 2017. Formerly a Spanish and English teacher, Kristin loves reading literature and eating authentic Mexican tacos. She and her husband, Eddy, love raising their children Judah and Selah. Kristin also has a deep affection for coffee, music, her dog (Cali) and cat (Aslan).