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Country singers Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan have paired up to let listeners know how they plan to spend their lives in their new song called “Buy Dirt.” This track is from Davis’ album of the same name and it points out the things that Davis and Bryan feel are far more important than money–such as purchasing land, cultivating faith and spending time with those you love.

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Davis says that the wisdom of this song comes from an elderly man who tells him that “chasing a dollar” isn’t the best way to gain wealth. In fact, he says, “if you want my two cents on making a dollar count” you should buy some land, get married, start a family, tithe, “try and find Jesus,” enjoy your work and be present for all of the small moments in life. After all, he says, “the truth about it is, it all goes by real quick.”

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Although this song was released in July of 2021, it has found renewed popularity amongst various Reels on Instagram and TikTok videos. And for good reason. The heart of “Buy Dirt” tells listeners that you may not be able to “buy happiness” but that you can come close to it by getting some land, shutting off the chaos of modern life and spending time doing what really matters. 

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