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Who ever said length made a song? Certainly not the Jonas Brothers. Their latest release, “Wings” from their forthcoming work titled The Album, is just under two minutes. 

Although this track is short, it’s no less of an earworm. It’s filled with funky bass and synth, reminiscent of something from the Bee Gees or Michael Jackson. It finds the trio singing about the women in their lives–their wives–who have filled their lives with love and given them purpose. 


This song takes flight by declaring that each special woman in the life of each singer is “the one, the sun, the light of day” who gives this man “the wings” he needs to “fly away.” 

The love from this woman is tangible (“I feel it”) and helps to bring meaning and purpose to this man (“No, my life, it never had a meanin’/You gave me a reason, you got me believin’”). She always has been the best fit for him (“It was you from the very start”). 


This track doesn’t have any content concerns. But if you want to watch the video along with it, just know that it features four women getting ready for the day (after what appears to be a night of drinking) in bikini tops, crop tops, a corset and short shorts. 


The Jonas Brothers’ last album was released back in 2019, and we haven’t heard much from them since. Until now.

These brothers, who have come a long way since the days of Camp Rock, seem to be switching up their style for their upcoming album. There’s no telling what it might hold, but if it’s as lyrically clean as this song is, parents will have far less to worry about than some of the other choices flying around.

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