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Set Me Free Pt. 2

Jimin's Set Me Free Pt 2 music video


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Kristin Smith

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Buh Bye BTS. 

This is what former band member, Jimin, is telling the world-renowned K-pop group that made him a superstar. While the departure might not be permanent (it’s said that the band will re-form in 2025), the 27-year-old South Korean singer and dancer is for the moment parting ways from BTS, and Jimin believes it’s the right time. 

He says as much on his latest single, “Set Me Free Pt. 2.” The track is currently sitting at No. 1 on YouTube’s Charts, racking up more than 34 million views in less than five days. It is one of many songs to come on his forthcoming album (Face, scheduled to be released March 24, 2023), and it speaks directly to anyone willing to listen (and can understand Korean), saying that he is happy to be a solo artist no matter what others may think or say. 


Jimin is letting listeners know that he’s thrilled to be on his own, and he will continue to move in this direction, despite what others may say (“I never stop/Finally free/I got feel low/Still/But I got no time to break soul”). 


Still, some strong profanities are actually in English. And if the song is translated, this message is communicated with a nod to fast living and drinking (“Yeah, time to get mine/Hennessey and night”) as well as an attitude that profanely tells others he does not care what they may say or think (“Hey fool, just get out of my way/Shut up, f— off/I’m on my way”). 


K-Pop is an interesting phenomenon in the United States. Not because the music isn’t extremely catchy or sonically pleasing, but because many of the songs are solely in Korean or a mix of both Korean and English. 

Still, people love it. And the music video for “Set Me Free Pt. 2” shows that. 

The video is visually stunning. Jimin is the focal point as both male and female dancers, all dressed in black, dance around a nearly shirtless Jimin, keeping up with the beat flawlessly. And the sound? Wow. The combination of the visuals paired with the choir make this a sort of gothic pop hit, even though the entire track lasts just over two minutes. 

But if you’re only listening to this song, you will see that the track throws out some strong profanity while declaring that Jimin is now the solo artist he’s always wanted to be.

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