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Chris Hulvey—known professionally as Hulvey—is a 22-year-old singer and rapper from Georgia who’s on the rise.

In his second year of college, Hulvey dropped out to pursue music but couldn’t get a record deal. Finally, after a few years of honing his craft and working at a local supermarket, he tried again. And in 2019 he signed with Reach Records.

Now, he’s making waves in the Christian music world. Pairing with artists like Lecrae and Andy Mineo, Hulvey has his own unique sound that leans toward Post Malone. But instead of crude, graphic content, he’s all about relevant, personal topics that focus on God.

His track “Heaven Up Above” is an example of this honest work as he opens up about the peace that comes from an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Only You

Hulvey pleads to God on behalf of himself and a hurting world (“I’ve been down so long, can you pull me up?/Yeah, I know we all mourning”). Yet, he knows that there is hope to be found even when we struggle (“’Cause even when I fall, I still feel Your touch/ … I know the pain’s here, but the love is, too”).

And it’s clear his insights come from personal experience (“I couldn’t find the way until You made it/ … Build me up from all these pieces that were broken”) as God has shown him what true love really looks like: “They tried to take Your life, but then you gave it/That’s how far You came just to give me your heart.”

If you’re a rap fan looking for Christian alternatives that can compete with mainstream sounds, Hulvey is worth checking out. His music draws upon his personal struggles as well as his spiritual journey with God.

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