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Australian duo Joel and Luke Smallbone, known widely as the Grammy award-winning group For King & Country, paired up with vocalist Hillary Scott for a new recording of their single “For God Is With Us.” 

This track paints the picture of a lowly king born in a remote, unassuming location, and how His coming—and ultimate sacrifice—changed the world. 


The track begins by asking listeners to “dare to believe” and “dare to imagine” a king who came to earth with “no celebration and no ceremony.” The singers emphasize that many would not believe that Jesus, king of Heaven, would be born in such lowly conditions, and yet “the world was forever changed” at his arrival. 

Yet, He gave his all and as a response we begin “the celebration and the ceremony” for our King. Even when “there’s silence on earth,” the “Heavens are roarin’,” responding to the Jesus’ glory. 

Ultimately, Joel and Luke tell us, we have been given the ultimate “hope” and a “reason for living” in God himself. 




“For God Is With Us” is a stunning track that fuses strong vocals and powerful harmonies. As it builds sonically, the lyrics guide listeners through Jesus’ anticipated birth, his death and the joy that’s felt both in heaven and earth as He reigns and remains with us through His Holy Spirit. 

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Kristin Smith

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