Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran plays guitar in the video for the song "Afterglow."


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Ed Sheeran has been away for a while. And for good reason: Back in 2019, he married longtime friend Cherry Seaborn. Since then, the couple has kept their marriage, as well as the recent birth of their daughter, fairly private.

But now Ed’s back. His latest single, “Afterglow,” is such a trademark Sheeran song that you’d never mistake it for anyone else. And with its soft, alternative-acoustic vibe, Sheeran sings about the one subject he seems to have mastered: romantic love. 

Stay Awhile

You know that moment where you’re so content, so blissfully happy that you want to freeze everything and just stay right there? Ed Sheeran does.

Between savoring early mornings (“Stop the clocks it’s amazing/You should see the way the light dances off your hair”) and extra pauses gazing at his wife (“My eyes are caught in your gaze all over again”), it’s clear he’s smitten.

And Sheeran’s ultimate desire is to just be with the woman he loves (“We were love-drunk, waiting on a miracle/Tryna find ourselves in the winter snow”). No rush. (“So alone in love like the world had disappeared”). He’s just enjoying the small, quiet moments that are the best parts of his life (“This is a level where we’re losing track of time/I’m holding nothing against it, except you and I”).

If You Could Use A Love Song …

… look no further, because Ed Sheeran has served up another one for you. Here, Sheeran makes it perfectly clear that his wife is the love of his life. And he intends to cherish every moment with her, being present and savoring the moments that can fade so quickly.

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