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Rich Flex

Drake on a night cam in "Rich Flex" music video


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Marsella Evans

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Drake’s latest album, Her Loss, is a collaborative effort with rapper 21 Savage. Already, fans are celebrating the two rappers’ chemistry, calling Drake’s rapping “zesty.” Want more proof? The album has already sent several tracks onto Billboard’s Hot 100 chart within days of its release. But the biggest is “Rich Flex,” a song that showcases the artists’ dual dexterity and, unfortunately, harsh, unredemptive content.  


This bass-heavy song features interpolations of Meg Thee Stallion’s Savage, and Red Opps by 21 Savage, amongst others. The wide assortment of songs, artists and beats included do manage to combine in a satisfying way, creating a fast-paced musical collage.

However, even the basic premise of the song’s lyrics is not particularly positive. It could be argued that Drake’s praise of 21 Savage in the song is admirably supportive, and he certainly is confident. That confidence crosses the line into detrimental arrogance.


The song features heavy and explicit sexual content. Vulgar words for male and female anatomy accompany references to sex, sexting and oral sex, all in the context of non-committal and selfish relationships. The women Drake comments on are treated as expendable status symbols and talked down to. He tells them not to bother him when he is busy, and to “remember who [they are] talking to.” He also tells them to look elsewhere when they need money, which is ironic and selfish considering the whole song is about his excess wealth.

Vulgar language is nonstop throughout the song. A common racially charged profanity is heard several times, the s-word is used many times, along with various vulgar terms for “loose” women and frequent uses of a–.

Some light violent references are also heard. Drake casually mentions guns, shooting, slaughter gangs, and murder gangs.

The lyrics are generally egotistical, with references to Drake’s wealth and status, as he tells people not to underestimate him.

The music video for “Rich Flex” shows the rappers flipping off the camera and in a gentlemen’s club, though no women are there. A plastic cup is shown with an inappropriate message on it.

Some of Drake’s references to 21 Savage in the introduction and his posture in parts of the music video have been construed as showing his romantic feelings for Savage. This is likely connected to previous lyrics in Drake’s songs that have generated controversy over his possible identification with the LGBTQ community.


Drake’s new hit is bold, but it is hard to miss the self-destructive and damaging lyrics. The artist has created another song true to his brand, hedonistic and narcissistic.

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Marsella Evans 2022 intern
Marsella Evans

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