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What do you get when you combine one of the biggest British rock bands in the world with the biggest K-Pop (and maybe biggest period) boy band in the world. You get a song that debuts at No. 1 … and outsells the rest of the Top 10 combined.

Coldpay has teamed up with BTS on the new single “My Universe.” Coldplay has consistently cranked out pretty positive hits the last decade or so, and this one is no different. “My Universe” is an inspirational love song about a man’s commitment to his beloved.


“My Universe” is a simple, uncomplicated declaration of love. Over and over, we hear Coldplay frontman Chris Martin repeat these lines in the chorus: “You, you are my universe/And I (I) just want to put you first/ … And you make my world light up inside.”

BTS singers RM and Jimin hint that the two members of the couple have also had to overcome differences in background and perhaps the prejudice of others. “And they said that we can’t be togethеr/Because, becausе we come from different sides.” Other BTS additions to the song include these two lyrics: “When I’m without you, I’m crazy/ … We are made of each other, baby.”

The second verse finds Martin gushing even more praise for his beloved: “In the night, I lie and look up at you/When the morning comes, I watch you rise/There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture/That bright infinity inside your eyes,” beautiful words in the context of a marriage …


… but problematic if this couple is unmarried but sharing that level of intimacy—context that the song never clarifies. Even these lines, though, capture a sense of innocent devotion rather than something sensually suggestive.


There would have been a time where Coldplay would have been seen as a senior partner in this musical collaboration. But even though it’s a song on this British rock band’s album, one suspects that its massive, immediate success has a lot more to do with BTS’ global popularity. Chris Martin and Co. savvily hooked their wagon to that train, and it’s yielded an immediate hit.

And as pop songs go, this one doesn’t get too much cleaner, really. Yes, there’s a suggestion of an intimate relationship here. But the two groups never veer into seriously suggestive territory as they sing the praises of a love that feels as big as the universe.

Speaking of the universe, sci-fi fans might enjoy the song’s video, which features the bands as the last bastions of music in a universe where music has been outlawed. Death Star like weapons fuse with holographic dance moves as the bands seek to stave off intergalactic obliteration.  

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