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There’s nothing quite like a former relationship you can’t stop thinking about. Ask pop singer Charlie Puth, and featured singer Jung Kook, who seem to know all about this unfortunate predicament, as they highlight their woes in their single, “Left And Right.” 


Puth is obviously distraught over a relationship that he feels ended prematurely. He tells us: 

“Did you know you’re the one that got away?/And even now, baby, I’m still not okay?/Did you know that my dreams, they’re all the same?”


However, it appears that the bulk of these memories come from not just a love, but a physical relationship that he wants to drown out with alcohol: “Ever since the day you went away/How to erase your body out of my brain/How much more do I gotta drink for the pain?/…All the nights we were tangled up in your bed.”


The end of any significant relationship impacts us, even if we don’t want it to. And how much more so if that relationship was built upon physical intimacy? God intended sex to be part of the mortar that holds a relationship together–which is why we’re supposed to engage in it after cementing that relationship with marriage. When such a relationship breaks apart, we feel that break in a powerful, often devastating, way. And when physicality is the foundation of a relationship, it’s almost a guarantee that a breakup will happen and all that unnecessary pain will come.

Although this song does highlight that there was a connection between two people that is now over, the bulk of this tune suggests that sexual experience and sexual intimacy were the foundation of this now former relationship. 

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