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Ariana Grande’s latest single, “Positions,” is the title track from her upcoming album of the same name. And if you’re wondering if that title is alluding to something suggestive, let me spoil the suspense: It is. But there’s more to it than that.

This pop song finds Ariana confessing her love to a new boyfriend and hoping that their future will be brighter than her past relationships. And, of course, she makes a few other coy confessions, too.

All for You

Ariana believes that her new lover has been sent from “heaven,” and she hopes to preserve the relationship by learning from past mistakes (“I’m just hopin’ I don’t repeat history”).

This time, it’s serious, she says. Ariana’s ready to “meet your mama on a Sunday” and then spend some quality time with her man in the bedroom (“Then make a lotta love on a Monday/Never need no one else babe”).

Ariana profanely tells listeners that she’s tired of playing games (“But I get tired of runnin’, f— it/Now, I’m runnin’ with you”). Instead, she’s ready to do things she’s never done before (“Cookin’ in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom/Switchin’ the positions for you/This some s— that I usually don’t do”). It seems pretty clear that she’ll do anything to please her new man—an impulse that’s healthy in some ways and potentially unhealthy in others.

According to her video (where she wears various revealing outfits and transitions between “positions” such as the president to a cook to a lover), Ariana is ready to settle down with this man she’s found. According to Elle, her new beau is real estate mogul Dalton Gomez.

“Positions” might not mention the name of Ariana’s new boyfriend, but it does dish other details for listening ears. Such as how she wants to get to know his family and commit to making things work.

And while those are positives, Ariana also uses two harsh profanities and includes plenty of suggestive references to what the two do behind closed doors.

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