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Bob Waliszewski

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Gwyneth Haden is a woman who’s pretty frustrated with the dating scene and the shallow men in it. But one day she catches an ad for a faith-based dating service called Christian Mingle, and out of desperation, she decides to give it a try. The next thing you know, she’s got a date at a coffee shop with a guy who seems promising. The problem is, she’s not a believer, and she lied on her application. Now she’s got to do a little scrambling to cover up that fib.

After securing a couple of books explaining some churchgoing basics, Gwyneth feels pretty confident she can bluff her way through a date. She’s memorized a few key Bible verses she can throw out when necessary. She can even wing her way through praying over a meal … kinda. But, hey, it’s all to get Mr. Right! That is, until Mr. Right finds out something’s wrong.

While this flick will never be mistaken for an Oscar contender, it mingles together a number of positive things. It gives a big thumbs-up to making wise career choices, and it definitely applauds serving others. Plus, there’s a clear and unforced Gospel presentation. On the downside, a Christian character lies to her boss.

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Bob Waliszewski