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Bob Hoose

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While new virtual reality adventures are popping up almost daily, there aren’t many like Floor Plan 2. This little game challenges players to solve puzzles and find specific items hidden away in a series of interconnected, but bizarrely distinct, rooms. It’s something of a multiple escape room adventure … with Muppet-like helpers.

The comedy adventure begins on the first day of work at PuzzPal, Inc., a business that helps customers solve their day-to-day problems. The company is something of a general life-complaint department. And it’s run by a collection of puppet-ish critters who speak their own gibberish lingo, but still get their point across.

During our first day helping customers—by essentially using observation skills and solving each person’s personal puzzle—we’re approached by the big boss and given a special errand to run. PuzzPal is flagging financially. And if the company is to survive, we’ll need to find a couple different important items that have been displaced somewhere in the multistory office building.

But as we take the corporate elevators to the upper floors, we discover that each floor is actually a gateway to different locations: a nightclub, a space station, a bathroom, a queen bee’s throne room, etc. And to solve the puzzles in one room and find the missing treasure, you’ll need to understand and master the puzzles in them all.  

Positive Content

Gamers reach out in VR with long, rubbery Muppet-like arms. The interactive elements, such as handles, knobs, switches and drawers, as well as objects such as a book of matches, a TV antenna or a stick of butter, can all be easily picked up, manipulated, examined and experimented with. And we quickly discover that the room puzzles can usually only be solved in combination with puzzles in another room.

The visuals in every area are colorful and puppet like. The conversations are generally all humor-focused and silly as well. While the puzzles become more and more challenging with time and effort, there’s nothing too difficult or obscure for younger players. But there are clues available when needed.

Content Concerns

There’s no language (other than a single printed out use of “oh gosh”) or visuals here that would raise parents’ concerns. There is a dash of toilet humor in some printed-out interactions.

One potential sticking point parents will want to know about, however, shows up as a six-sided cube that we’re tasked with recovering. It seems the mysterious cube has some “dark magic” properties about it, magic that the boss believes can “solve ANY problem.”

As you’d expect from a Muppet Show-like adventure, though, the misfiring magic simply turns the boss into a glaze-eyed giant until we can solve the necessary goofy puzzles to shrink her back down to size.

Game Summary

With so many VR shooters on the market, it’s nice to find a virtual reality game that’s both laughingly silly and invigoratingly challenging. Floor Plan 2 gives both kids and adults some good reasons to smile.

Bob Hoose

After spending more than two decades touring, directing, writing and producing for Christian theater and radio (most recently for Adventures in Odyssey, which he still contributes to), Bob joined the Plugged In staff to help us focus more heavily on video games. He is also one of our primary movie reviewers.