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Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel is a stand-alone beginning reader.

Plot Summary

Owl lives alone in a two-story house. In chapter one, he hears Winter rapping at his door. He tries to be nice by inviting Winter inside, but the winds blow snow into his house and freeze his soup. He finally decides to close the door and make Winter leave.

In chapter two, Owl sees two strange bumps at the foot of his bed. He worries they may grow larger in the night. He eventually sleeps in a living room chair, never realizing the bumps were his own feet beneath the covers.

In the third chapter, Owl makes tear-water tea by thinking of all of the saddest things he knows. Once his teapot is filled with salty tears, he happily drinks his tea.

In chapter four, Owl becomes disturbed because he can’t see what’s happening upstairs when he is downstairs, and vice versa. He spends the evening running up and down the stairs, trying to be both places at once.

In the final chapter, Owl goes outside and sees the moon. He’s worried because it appears to be following him home, and he has no food or space for such a guest in his house. When he discovers the moon has settled outside his window, he’s happy to have it nearby as his friend.

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