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Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, with illustrations by Maurice Sendak is part of the “Little Bear” series.

Plot Summary

Little Bear, a cub, wants to play outside in the snow. He asks his mother for some winter clothes. After she has sewn him a hat, coat and pants, he discovers his own fur is all he needs.

On his birthday, Little Bear can’t find Mother Bear. He knows his friends will be coming soon, so he gathers some vegetables to make a birthday soup. Hen, Duck and Cat arrive. Just as he’s about to serve the birthday soup, Mother arrives with a big birthday cake. She assures him she would never forget his birthday.

Little Bear makes himself a space helmet from a cardboard box. Since he can’t fly to the moon, he jumps from a tree on the top of a hill. After tumbling down, he says the trees and birds look just like those on earth. He wanders into his house, where his mother asks him if he is a bear from Earth. Little Bear climbs into his mother’s lap and tells her he is her Little Bear. She hugs him and says she knows.

In the final chapter, Little Bear tells his mother about his wishes at bedtime. He wishes he could fly and travel to far off places and meet a princess who would give him cake. Mother says he can’t do those things, but she reminds him of his fun adventures playing in the snow and going to the moon. Little Bear tells Mother she always makes him happy. After that, he sleeps well.

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Mother Bear listens attentively, responds affectionately, meets Little Bear’s needs and makes special gifts like winter clothing and a birthday cake.

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