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Katt vs. Dogg by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein tells what happens when mortal enemies Oscar the dogg and Molly the katt get lost in the woods together.

Plot Summary

Oscar is a pleasant-tempered dogg scout. Molly is an elegant young katt who dreams of being a star. Each is headed for Western Adventure Park with their parents and an older sibling when they first encounter each other on the road. Oscar’s boisterous dad and Molly’s snooty father exchange insults while speeding up and passing one another. The conversation in each car makes it clear both families feel the creatures in the other car are enemies.

All is well for a while, as Oscar’s family goes to the dogg section of the park and Molly’s to the katt section. Eventually, Oscar and Molly each get lost in the woods. Their parents are frantic and still fighting each other to ensure their child is given the utmost attention in the search efforts.

Meanwhile, Oscar and Molly meet again. They exchange insults and words of skepticism but ultimately realize they must work together to survive the beasts and natural dangers in the wild. Along the way, they meet several creatures who are part one animal and part another.

A kind, grandmotherly doggkatt encourages them to work together to find their way home and even prays for them before sending them off. She does warn them about other dangerous mixed creatures, like the weaselboars. The kids soon encounter these beasts and use their combined skills and wits to escape.

By the time the kids find their way back to civilization, they’ve both been battered and bloodied. They’ve also built a strong bond of friendship, though neither is quite ready to admit it to their parents. The parents, relieved to see Oscar and Molly, whisk them back to their respective hometowns. A divisive ferret news reporter goes to each of their homes and pitches a TV showdown between the two. She offers the families large amounts of money and fame. Oscar and Molly are hesitant, but their families are thrilled.

The kids face off on TV before a live audience, but neither can stand to see the other vilified by the opposite species. In the end, they reveal the truth: They helped each other survive and became friends. The audience is silent, until both kids’ mothers rise to their feet and applaud. Soon, others join in. In the end, Oscar and Molly become co-workers at the park, where they urge new opposite-species visitors to get along.

Christian Beliefs

A kind, grandmotherly doggkatt encourages them to work together to find their way home and even prays for them before sending them off.

Other Belief Systems


Authority Roles

Oscar and Molly’s hot-headed fathers are angry and unkind to one another. Their mothers ultimately support their children’s friendship. Several creatures at the park show Oscar and Molly the benefits of working together despite their differences.

Profanity & Violence

While there is no profanity, there is a fair amount of humor surrounding butts, farts, pooping, puking and the like. Doggs and katts frequently insult one another. Oscar and Molly are attacked and injured by wild animals.

Sexual Content

Molly gives Oscar a friendly kiss on TV.

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