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Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel has been reviewed and is part of the “Frog and Toad” series.

Plot Summary

Frog and Toad are best friends. In April, Frog rushes to Toad’s to wake him up so they can enjoy spring together. Toad argues that it’s much too early, and he wants to stay asleep until at least mid-May. Frog fools his friend by tearing off calendar pages. Seeing the calendar and thinking it’s May, Toad happily gets up and joins Frog.

In chapter two, Frog isn’t feeling well. Toad tries to come up with a story to tell his friend so he’ll feel better. When he can’t think of one, he paces, stands on his head, pours water on his head and bangs his head against a wall. In pain, he switches places with Frog. Frog tells him a story until he falls asleep.

In chapter three, Frog and Toad take a walk. Toad has lost one of his jacket buttons, so they hunt for it. Frog finds a number of other buttons on their stroll, but none are the right size or shape. Toad finally finds his lost button at home. He thanks Frog for the help by sewing all of the buttons they found on his jacket and giving it to Toad.

When Frog and Toad go for a swim in the next chapter, Toad is embarrassed about being seen in his bathing suit. Toad tries to urge the nearby animals to go away, but they all want to see Toad’s suit. When Toad is too cold to stay in the water any longer, he emerges and reveals his long, striped bathing suit. Frog and the other animals laugh, and Toad walks home.

In the final chapter, Frog sees a sad Toad sitting on the porch. Toad confesses that this is his sad time of day. It is when the mail arrives, and he never gets any letters. Frog decides to write his friend a letter. He asks another friend, a snail, to deliver it. Frog returns to Toad’s and urges him to check his mailbox. Nothing arrives. After this happens several times, Frog tells Toad what he’s done. Four days later, the letter arrives, and Toad is very happy.

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