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The Dragon and the Stone (The DreamKeeper Saga Book 1)


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Book Review

As if Lily McKinley’s day wasn’t going bad enough, she finds a dragon in the kitchen eating her mom’s chili. And it seems as though he’s been sent to bring her to a mysterious realm to foil evil plans.

Plot Summary

After her dad’s disappearance and alleged death, Lily McKinley didn’t think her life could get much worse. But when she comes home to find a dragon in her kitchen, she thinks she’s losing her mind. Lily tries to whack the dragon with a spoon and the creature flees, leaving a giant mess in his wake.

The next day at school isn’t much better. Lily fights with bully Adam Sykes and then runs from the schoolyard to her treehouse. Her solitude is interrupted by the dragon who made a mess in her kitchen. He’s named Cedric, but the two don’t get any further than introductions before an evil dragon tries to kill them. Lily and Cedric flee, and Cedric transports them into the mysterious Somnium Realm.

Once there, Cedric explains that he’s a scout sent to retrieve the next dream steward—Lily. Why? It all centers on a necklace that her father passed down to her. Dream stewards wield jewelry that contains soothstones, powerful stones hewn from the rocks of the Garden of Eden, and that treasured heirloom contains such a rock. Lily’s necklace glows if danger is nearby, and she can use it to call for help and bring imaginary creatures to life.

But there is also evil in this strange place. Eymah, the evilest creature in the realm, sends his minions to try to steal the soothstone from Lily so he can have its power. Cedric explains they must get to Castle Iridyll where the council can provide wisdom and guidance.

Besting evil won’t be as simple as that, though. Lily McKinley will have to deal with bullies, dragons, a unicorn prince and monsters. She will need to travel to the edges of the realm and attempt to save someone of utmost importance to her.

And it will take all her bravery to see things through.

Christian Beliefs

Lily prays when she’s in danger. Throughout the story, topics relating to the Garden of Eden, the Fall of Mankind and the Creator come up. Pax the unicorn is symbolic of Jesus and ultimately is the key to survival and victory in the story. Eymah represents Satan.

Other Belief Systems

Mythology is woven into the book and the story as a whole. Greek myths, dragons, a unicorn, harpies, fairies, dwarves, minotaurs and a wizard are all included. Shapeshifting abilities are part of the story. Soothstones have great power when wielded by a steward, sometimes summoning creatures or bringing imagined creatures to life. At one point the wizard, Merlin, does a bit of magic to get everyone’s attention.

Authority Roles

Lily’s mom is sad and overwhelmed when her dad is missing. Cedric serves as a loyal friend and guide. Adam’s father left him and his mom. The council acts as the authority in the Somnium Realm and seems to be fair and competent. Pax is a Prince and the true ruler of the Realm.

Profanity & Violence

Lily punches Adam. Adam knocks Lily down and kicks her. A dragon tries to kill Lily and Cedric on Earth, but they escape. Lily and her friends battle and successfully kill many evil creatures such as an ogre, a saber-toothed tiger, harpies and forgotten imaginary friends. Lily and Adam also fight a character when she betrays them. Someone turns to stone in the petrified forest. Lily and Pax fight Eymah.

Sexual Content


Discussion Topics

How do you use your imagination? Do you think your thoughts honor God? Why or why not?

Lily risks her life for Adam even though he’s been mean to her. Read Matthew 5:38-48. Do you think becoming friends with Adam was the right thing to do? Why or why not? Is there someone who has been mean to you that you should show God’s love to?

Lily had to be brave and trust in God to complete her quest. When hard things happen in your life, where do you turn for help?

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Additional Comments

The Dragon and the Stone contains an exciting story fantasy lovers will enjoy. The strong Christian themes and imagery also portray powerful messages about surrender, sacrifice and redemption.

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Review by Rachel Pfeiffer