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This book has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is in the “Daughters of Faith” series.

Plot Summary

Mary Chilton and her family are separatists who have escaped the tyranny of England. Mr. Chilton and others feel God’s calling to leave Holland with their families (a land where they are not persecuted but are barely able to support themselves) for the unsettled lands of Virginia. Together they board the Mayflower. As the voyage stretches out from days to months, they fight severe illnesses, harsh weather and the loss of family and friends through death. During the trip, Mary’s father dies of a terrible illness. When Mary doubts the wisdom of leaving Holland, her mother and friends — Elizabeth and Constance — remind her of God’s providence. Mary, Elizabeth and Constance care for the children and sick. Just as they reach the New World, Mary’s mother dies. Mary remembers the lessons her parents taught her and seeks God’s will.

Christian Beliefs

Mary trusts in God and is drawn closer to Him. When she learns that she belongs in the center of God’s will, she finds her home. As the Mayflower journeys across the vast ocean, they encounter many problems. The Elders, the spiritual leaders, patiently remind the weary travelers of their many blessings and encourage them to keep their faith. In one scene, Mary is sad because of the numerous illnesses and their seemingly unending days on the Mayflower. A friend reminds her of God’s providence and the blessing of a new land where they can worship the Lord as they please.

Other Belief Systems


Authority Roles

Mr. and Mrs. Chilton (Mary’s parents), Elder Brewster, Captain Jones, Mistress White and Governor Bradford are the key authority figures in this book. Mr. Chilton and the other male leaders are portrayed as the head of their families and the decision makers on the trip. Before they make decisions, they seek God’s wisdom. In one scene, Mary’s father dies. The elders look out for her and her mother. Mary, her friends and all the adults watch out for each other’s children on the ship.

Profanity & Violence

In one scene, a rock hits Mr. Chilton (Mary’s father) on the head. In other scenes, sailors yell degrading slurs at the Pilgrims, but no profane words are used.

Sexual Content


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