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When Abraham Lincoln becomes a lawyer, he buys a long black coat and a tall black hat. The townspeople know and respect him for his kindness and his ability to solve disputes. Lincoln has a hard time keeping track of important papers and letters, so he starts storing them inside his hat. His new plan works most of the time, except when he purchases a new hat and accidentally leaves the notes in his old one.

Lincoln later works as a circuit lawyer. He travels on horseback in all kinds of weather, often eating bad food and sharing bug-infested beds with other lawyers at country inns. Despite his undesirable circumstances, Lincoln remains positive and engages his audiences. He tells memorable jokes and stories that draw people from far and near.

With wisdom and cleverness, Lincoln clears the names of innocent people and helps resolve legal quarrels. Lincoln runs for the U.S. Senate when he becomes concerned about the injustice of slavery in America. He loses the senate election but later runs for another office and becomes a U.S. president who frees the slaves and helps unite the nation.

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A judge starts to fine Lincoln for whispering a joke in court. When the judge hears the joke for himself, he thinks it’s so funny that he withdraws the fine.

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Slavery: Slavery is legal in many states in Lincoln’s younger days. He works to outlaw it, first in his home state of Illinois and then nationwide.

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