Three Ideas to Get Your Kids Un-Bored

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Mom, I’m bored!

You’ve heard this, right? And chances are if you’ve heard this, you’ve probably said it yourself a time or two. I’m a firm believer that boredom allows space for creativity, and that if we always fill that space with technology or noise, creativity might not happen.

But let’s step away from parenting philosophies and just be real for a second: Sometimes you’re desperate for your kids to find something that will occupy their attention for longer than five minutes. Because, if we’re being honest, you’re sick of having to reheat your coffee multiple times before you get to enjoy it. I have a few ideas for you that, ignoring that parenting philosophy above for a moment, require technology. They require YouTube.

This isn’t the first blog in which I’ve talked about YouTube, and it won’t be the last. The truth is, YouTube is packed with helpful content. Yes, you need to be careful about the channels your kids watch and subscribe to (including the ones I will mention below), but there are still tons of fun channels that can help your little ones get creative and kick boredom out the window.

Into cooking? Try Food Fusion Kids. This channel focuses on fun, kid-friendly recipes that even your pickiest of eaters can enjoy. And the fun part? Well, if they’re old enough, they can try to whip up some of these recipes on their own. (Just make sure to have a broom handy… for them, of course).

Been sittin’ around too long? Try GoNoodle. Used by plenty of elementary school teachers and parents since quarantine, GoNoodle is a fun channel that encourages littles to get up, get moving and get dancing. Or leaping. Or running. All good things.

Want to try your hand at some crafts? Easy Kids Crafts might have just the thing. Unicorn pencil holders, paper frog puppets, clothespin reindeer–it’s all there with instructions to help your littles along the way.