The Plugged In Show, Episode 94: A Conversation with Alex Kendrick and Unveiling Amazon’s Cinderella

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Filmmaker Alex Kendrick talks during the documentary on fatherhood, Show Me the Father


The Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen, have directed some of the most popular and most financially successful Christian movies in the last 20 years. Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, War Room, Courageous and Overcomer have all inspired audiences to solidify important family relationships and to deepen their relationship with God.

The duo’s latest effort, Show Me the Father, is no exception when it comes to emphasizing those important family themes. What is different this time around, however, is the movie’s genre. Instead of crafting another scripted drama, the Kendrick Brothers worked with director Rick Altizer to produce a moving documentary about fatherhood. The feature-length production tells the story of five men and their relationship with their fathers, helping us to identify the connection between our earthly dads and our heavenly Father.

Recently I had a chance to connect with Alex and to talk with him about the latest film that he and his brother have produced. You’ll definitely want to hear what Alex has to say in our conversation. And you’ll also want to learn what our team has to say about the newest musical version of Cinderella, now streaming on Amazon Prime (which we’ll focus on in our second segment). Finally, you won’t want to miss the info and the timer-phobic antics in this week’s episode of Culture Countdown at the end of our discussion.

So we invite you to take a listen and to hear more about how much your perfect heavenly Father loves you today.