The Blog, It Is a-Changing

PluggedIn Blog

It’s been said that we can only be sure of two things in this life: death and taxes. Let me add a third: Internet outlets will rarely look the same for long.

The Plugged In blog has, outwardly at least, been something of an outlier. The Plugged Insite has undergone two redesigns in recent years, yet this space looked and felt much the same as it always had.

This was, frankly, due to some weird disparities on the platforms we used for each. We couldn’t integrate the blog fully on our new platform without destroying a lot of the blog’s functionality, particularly when it came to your ability to comment. So the main Plugged In site and the blog lived somewhat separate online lives—like people who live in the same house but have different front doors.

Now, most of those issues have been resolved, which means tomorrow you’ll see a new look, a new feel and new address (though you can, of course, still reach it through the Plugged Insite, just as most of you always have). The content you’ve seen here will continue to be refined, as well. One change you’ll note during this transition is that the comments from previous posts cannot be moved over. Fortunately, though, commenting on new blogs will still be available.

Your ability to interact with this blog has been a bit more streamlined, too, from what I understand—though regular visitors will need to sign up again. The process should be completely painless.

So stop by tomorrow, won’t you? If all goes well, you’ll see an exciting new look.