Merry Christmas!

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Christmas is a Plugged In sort of holiday. Not only is it a pretty special and sacred time for Christians, but it’s completely awash in its very own entertainment. Most of us have our favorite Christmas movies, Christmas television specials, Christmas albums, Christmas carols. I’m not aware of very many Christmas-themed video games yet, but give ’em time.

Moreover, entertainment centered around Christmas tends to be a cut above. Oh, it’s not all great, to be sure. We must deal with the occasional Bad Santa. But what do we tend to engage with year after year? Movies like It’s a Wonderful Life. Television specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas. Some can become treasured holiday traditions, just as much as baking cookies or hanging the stockings by the fireplace.

So with that said, let me leave you with one of my favorite bits of holiday cheer: this little reminder, courtesy Linus Van Pelt, of the true meaning of Christmas. Hope you and yours have a very merry one.