Jumanji: The Film That Wouldn’t Die

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Last week, I suggested that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was the Tom Brady of movies. But even as Brady’s New England Patriots fell just a Hail Mary short of a sixth championship—a mere hiccup in the team’s interminable 18-year dynasty—Jumanji did Brady one better and won its own title this weekend, its fourth in seven weeks.

OK, so Jumanji’s performance wasn’t quite Brady-like. The fantasy comedy collected a mere $11 million (estimated) for the win—a tally that, during the heady days of summer, likely wouldn’t even merit a place in the top five. But hey, it’s February, and a win is a win. And Jumanji just can’t stop winning.

Consider: Jumanji’s total North American box-office gross now stands at $352.6 million—the third highest-grossing film in the history of its distributor, Sony (bested only by a pair of Spider-Man movies). Released in the waning days of 2017, it’s now listed as last year’s fifth most lucrative flick, just behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($389.8 million). But it’s dominating this year, too—so much so that has earned more than all 2018 movies combined thus far. (The year’s releases have collected a grand total of $304.5 million so far, led by Insidious: The Last Key’s $65.7 million.) And then there’s this curious stat: Jumanji’s the first movie since Titanic to be released in December and top the box office in February.

And we haven’t even touched on the half-billion that Jumanji’s earned overseas. All told, Sony’s little upstart comedy has collected $855.7 million, all without passing “go.” Which brings up another point of comparison between the movie and Tom Brady: Both are stinkin’ rich.

Obviously, Maze Runner: The Death Cure’s reign at the top of the box office was rather short-lived. After knocking Jumanji off the top spot last week, The Death Cure slipped to second with $10.2 million.

Winchester, the weekend’s sole new release, shot to third place despite its questionable caliber. It collected around $9.3 million.

Speaking of long-running success stories, The Greatest Showman continued to showcase some impressive box-office legs, finishing fourth with $7.8 million. Showman has raked in a total of $137.5 million into its cinematic three-ring circus, proving that Hugh Jackman doesn’t need to shoot blades out of his knuckles to earn a buck.

Hostiles, Christian Bale’s well-received Western, trotted into fifth place with $5.5 million to close out the top five.