Introducing The Plugged In Show

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wonder if Plugged In is ever going to do a podcast, because it seems like they should,” well, the wait is over.

I’m thrilled to announce that we have recently launched The Plugged In Show! Each week, members of the Plugged In team will be joined by author, speaker and Focus on the Family Associate Jonathan McKee. Together, we’ll be having an ongoing conversation about the worlds of popular culture and technology, unpacking what you need to know about how those things affect your family. And as we talk and banter about stuff such as Disney princesses and setting limits on technology (just to name a couple of our first topics), you’ll have a chance to get to know our team members on a bit more personal level as well.

We look forward to The Plugged In Show being a catalyst for conversation not just between our PI staff members, but with you, too. You can find our main landing page at, where you’ll also find links to articles related to our subjects each week. In addition to listening and subscribing, feel free to drop us a comment or topic suggestions at [email protected].

In the near future, we’ll also be adding some new ways for you to talk about each episode and to interact with us. So wherever you listen to your podcasts—in a favorite chair with a cup o’ joe, at the gym on the treadmill, in your car on the way to work—be sure to check out The Plugged In Show!