Culture Clips: The Play Nice Edition

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Pink’s tired of all the negativity on the internet.

Lashing back at online natterers who don’t like how she and husband Carey Hart are parenting their children, the pop star issued a “worldwide internet challenge” that implored people to be nicer in cyberspace.

“Go ONE day without criticizing someone online,” she wrote. She added, “And if it feels good, hey, why not go TWO DAYS. But let’s start with one for the overzealous out there.”

It’s a pretty great idea, really. We’re all about positivity here at Plugged In. And while it is the job of a Plugged In critic to be, at times, critical, we’ll give Pink’s challenge the old college try.

Naturally, this precludes us from taking former Disney starlet Bella Thorne to task for directing a movie for an online porn site. We’ll try not to blame social media for the fact that it seems to hurt girls more than boys, or that it has facilitated a staggering number of stranger-to-kid connections. (A new survey, in fact, found that four out of every 10 children met a stranger online.) And we’ll certainly steer clear of the issue of vaping, given the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it’s now linked to lots of lung illnesses and that it seems to be connected to the mysterious hospitalization of 22 youth and that many experts are calling vaping a full-blown epidemic.

Instead, we’ll turn our attention to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man makes everyone happy, of course, and many superhero fans were really thrilled when the webslinger (whose rights are owned by Sony) showed up for several movies as part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. That relationship, apparently, has ended rather abruptly because of … well, reasons. Some say that Disney wanted more money out of the partnership, while Sony insists that MCU showrunner Kevin Feige was just too busy to oversee Spidey’s future endeavors, what with Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox’s X-Men and all. Why, rumor has it that the notoriously R-rated superhero Deadpool will be joining the MCU, too. And while none of that might sound, on first blush, particularly great, let’s look on the bright side: A MCU Deadpool might be a less-prone-to-cursing Deadpool, and that’s a good thing. And hey, with all these extra superheroes, would Spider-Man get any good screen time with the MCU anyway?

Plus, Sony seemed to leave the door open for possible Spidey-MCU get-togethers. “We hope this might change in the future,” a Sony spokesperson said in a statement. See? Great news!

If Disney’s sad about losing access to Spider-Man, it at least can assuage its pain with the knowledge that Toy Story 4 became the fifth movie from the Mouse House to clear $1 billion worldwide this year—joining (naturally) Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, The Lion King and Aladdin. How many movies from other studios have crossed that fabled billion-dollar milestone? Nada.

Meanwhile, the 25th film in the ever-so-long-running James Bond franchise officially got a name recently—and given the problems that have plagued the production, that’s good news indeed. It’ll be titled No Time to Die, and will reportedly be Daniel Craig’s last as Britain’s most famous spy. But if Craig is turning in his license to kill, his most famous car (the iconic silver Aston Martin DB5) is getting a new owner—one with presumably $6.4 million to spend. No word if an ejection seat is included.

Speaking of nifty gadgets, did you know you could tweet from your refrigerator these days? One teen, simply known as Dorothy, discovered this out of desperation. When the 15-year-old’s mother took away her smartphone, she sent out a plaintive Twitter missive on her Nintendo 3DS, lamenting her phone-less plight. When her mom locked that avenue down, Dorothy switched to a Wii U. Once that was banished too, she resorted to the family’s LG chill chest. “I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again,” Dorothy’s tweet read.

LG started a #FreeDorothy hashtag, naturally. And when the news media (somehow) contacted Dorothy to ask why she was grounded in the first place, she said that it was “so I’d pay more attention to my surroundings.” Sounds like the grounding worked!

To save desperate teens the trouble of seeking out unusual internet devices—and perhaps alerting parents to the selfsame devices as well—Slate rounded up a list of household gadgets one could potentially tweet from. Included: A Roomba, a toaster and a washing machine.

‘Course, technology is allowing us to do more than tweet from kitchen appliances these days. One company has crafted a robotic exosuit that will allow folks to walk and run more easily—potentially a boon for those who struggle to do both. Those who suffer from pain might get relief through a different avenue—a virtual swim with dolphins. And for any Buddhists visiting this Christian entertainment review site, a 400-year-old Japanese Buddhist temple recently added a robot priest to its staff.

Finally, for those who like to kick their technology old-school, we conclude this feel-good addition of Culture Clips with the story of a man, wearing an old TV on his head, who delivered other old TVs to around 50 homes in Henrico County, Virginia. Admittedly, some might find this story a little creepy. I mean, who wants a guy with a TV on his head lurking around your house? But we at Plugged In—at least for today—choose to see this story in a more positive light. About 50 people got to see what an old tube-style television actually looks like. Bonus: Recycling.