Angel, Overcomer Both Overperform

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Fallen Angel? Hardly.

The new Gerard Butler actioner, Angel Has Fallen, actually fluttered straight to No. 1, soaring high above its competition with an estimated $21.3 million weekend in North America. That makes it the first film in the Fallen franchise to open at No. 1—even though, paradoxically, it made the least money of the three. (Olympus Has Fallen earned $30.4 million in its opening frame in 2013, while London Has Fallen ka-chinged its way to $21.6 million in 2016.)

In fact, Angel’s $21.3 million was the lowest No. 1 gross since Glass earned a $9.5-million win way back in the first week of February. Congrats to Angel for the win, but its final tally is far from heavenly.

Angel pushed last week’s box-office champ, Good Boys, to second place. The R-rated comedy finished the weekend with $11.8 million, pushing its total North American haul to $42.1 mil. Right behind Good Boys, though, might be the week’s biggest surprise—at least for some.

For more than a decade, Alex and Stephen Kendrick have been crafting faith-based movies that leave secular critics scratching their heads and Christian audiences flocking to theaters. And it seems that each successful new Kendrick Brothers release is labeled a jaw-dropping, gob-smacking surprise. The latest: Overcomer, which was made for a mere $5 million. This unassuming movie about a cross-country runner and her coach earned $8.2 million—about $2 million more than prognosticators expected—to finish third. Let’s face it: The world can continue to be shocked by the Kendrick Brothers, but their success is just about as surprising as seeing Tom Brady in the NFL playoffs.

Oh, and Overcomer was just in just a little more than 1,700 theaters—about 1,600 fewer than the fourth-place movie.

And just what was that fourth-place film, you ask? Good question. Early estimates have The Lion King nosing out Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw for the honors, but the race is tight: The bean counters at Disney think The Lion King will earn about $8,150,000, while Universal is saying that Hobbs & Shaw will make $8,140,000. That’s a difference of just $10,000—less than what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably spends on nutritional supplements monthly. The results could flip when the receipts are counted for realsies.

(Both films still had something to celebrate the last several days, though. The Lion King became just the second film this year to earn more than $500 million in North America, while Hobbs & Shaw celebrated a smashing $102 million debut in China—the largest August opening ever there.)

But no matter who finishes fourth, it still leaves Ready or Not—the weekend’s third big new movie—on the outside of the top five. It earned just $7.6 million to claim sixth place. Clearly, Ready or Not was … not.