The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack


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Bob Waliszewski

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The hit single “I Believe in You and Me” is a tender melody that pledges lifelong love to a romantic partner. Aerobically upbeat, “Step by Step” embraces the challenges of living day by day. Whitney Houston exuberantly captures the joy of meeting a special someone on “My Heart Is Calling.” “You Were Loved” reminds listeners to share their feelings with loved ones. The rest of this project is charged with a dynamic spiritual energy. Heartfelt gospel tunes extol God’s faithfulness (“Hold On, Help Is on the Way,” “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” “I Go to the Rock,” “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”). They also acknowledge Christ as King (“Who Would Imagine a King,” “Joy to the World,” “Joy”).

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Perfect. This top-3 pop disc showcases the talents of Whitney Houston on all but one song. Her brilliant vocals, backed by a soulful gospel choir, drive home edifying lyrics. The Preacher’s Wife is a heaven-sent winner from start to finish!

Bob Waliszewski
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