My Love Is Your Love


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Bob Waliszewski

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“When You Believe,” Houston’s hope-filled duet with Mariah Carey from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, links miracles with faith (though God’s role is merely implied). Other songs laud falling in love (“I Was Made to Love Him”), staying in love (“Oh Yes,” “You’ll Never Stand Alone,” “My Love Is Your Love”) and confronting unfaithfulness or a lack of commitment (“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” “Get It Back,” “Heartbreak Hotel”).

Objectionable Content

On “In My Business, “guest rapper Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott refers to certain jealous women as “hos”(whores). Houston says she would’ve sold her soul to have her man back (“I Learned from the Best”).

Summary Advisory

This ’80s pop diva’s first studio disc in eight years is predominantly positive. Lots of R&B songs about the stages of romantic relationships. Two minor caveats aside, My Love Is Your Love makes the cut, but Houston fans would do even better with her gospel-centered The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack.

Bob Waliszewski
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