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Bob Smithouser

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Rascal Flatts’ cover of “Life Is a Highway” talks about making the most of every fleeting day and surviving dips in the road. “Route 66” (one version by Chuck Berry, another by John Mayer) plays like a AAA love letter to the stops along that famous highway. Sad but proud, “Our Town” (sung by James Taylor) addresses the inevitability of change in a small town. Brad Paisley describes an unplanned journey of self-discovery that includes making new friends, settling down and selflessly living for a soulmate (“Find Yourself”). Meanwhile, his pedal-steel cure for the blues is to remember that the sun waits right “Behind the Clouds.” The Chords express giddy romantic love (“Sh-Boom”). On “Real Gone” Sheryl Crow takes a stand for what she believes and warns about living too fast with blinders on. Unfortunately …

Objectionable Content

That hard-driving cut mentions Bud Light. The metaphors on “Life Is a Highway” could be interpreted as lovers boldly seizing the day.

Summary Advisory

Half country/pop, half orchestral score, the Cars soundtrack hits on all cylinders. A minor sputter here and there doesn’t spoil a smooth, comfortable ride.

Bob Smithouser
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