8 Mile


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Precious little. Macy Gray tells her man she has had the “Time of My Life.” On “8 Mile,” Eminem claims to pray nonstop, however …

Objectionable Content

That track is riddled with obscenities and vulgar slang, as is most of this project. A lesson in perseverance gets lost amid raw language and misogyny on “Lose Yourself.” “Places to Go” and “That’s My N-gga Of’ Real” talk about selling drugs. The latter boasts, “My customers’ hos sleep with me.” Crude sexual remarks (“Battle,” “Love Me”) and alcohol use (“Wanksta,” “Places to Go,” “Adrenaline Rush”) are also problematic. Gangsta violence brings down a half-dozen cuts with references to drive-by shootings, anarchy, snapping people’s necks, stuffing rivals’ corpses in cars, etc. One thug invites decency advocate C. Delores Tucker to perform oral sex on him. Another makes threats and refers to himself as “God’s son.” Yet another claims to be God and praises Allah “to the fullest.” F-words fly. Women get verbally abused (called b–ches and hos).

Summary Advisory

Nearly 70 minutes of audio garbage. Eminem does most of the rapping on this choleric collaboration (inspired by his hit film), but guests include Obie Trice, Nas, Jay-Z, Gangstarr, Young Zee, Boomkat, Bizarre, Guru and others. The only thing more disturbing than 8 Mile’s content is that more than 4 million people have bought copies.

Bob Waliszewski
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