2 Fast 2 Furious


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Jin references God’s miraculous parting of the Red Sea on “Peel Off.”

Objectionable Content

The general attitude of this stickered CD is conveyed in the Ludacris rap “Act a Fool”: “They’ll only get one finger while I’m shifting gears.”(Guess which one that would be.) The rest of his rant tells listeners to lash out in anger at people who mistreat or inconvenience them. To pay the rent, Dead Prez okays credit card fraud, employee theft and robbing pizza deliverymen at gunpoint, describing in detail how to do each (“H— Yeah”). Two cuts call police “pigs.” Obscenities flow like Valvoline. Sexual references appear on “Pump It Up”(by Joe Budden), “Oye” (by Pit Bull) and the Tyrese/ Ludacris/R. Kelly collaboration “Pick Up the Phone,” which propositions another man’s girl. Fat Joe boasts, “My folk ridin’ shotgun with a shotgun … We murder cowards … I’m gonna blow his head away” (“We Ridin’”). Drug use is rampant as well. “Oye” says, “If you like coke, roll a dollar, snort it up.” That song and a half-dozen others glamorize marijuana or alcohol (Cristal, vodka, champagne). I-20’s “Slums” talks about smoking dro, staying drunk and peddling pills.

Summary Advisory

Dangerous, illegal behavior. It’s the selling point of this corrupt disc, as well as the adrenalized street-racing flick that inspired it. The 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack unites popular and unknown hip-hop artists with little more on their minds than casual sex, substance abuse and bagging the Domino’s guy. Extremely irresponsible.

Bob Waliszewski
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