Time Marches On


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

A lonely Lawrence regrets pursuing worldly success at the expense of loving relationships on “Somewhere Between the Moon and You.” With similar disdain for material wealth, “From What We Give” values giving more highly than receiving. Tender love songs (“Stars Over Texas,” “Different Man,” “If You Loved Me”) repent of past mistakes and vow eternal devotion.

Objectionable Content

“Excitable Boy” boasts of womanizing and a rebellious streak (“skip a little school . . . bend another rule”), and suggests that date rape is acceptable if the boy is “raring to go.” A rebel spirit also fuels “Speed of a Fool.” On the title song, the singer shares some family history, accepting that his brother’s days of smoking marijuana-and dad’s committing adultery-were normal and bound to happen over time. A mild profanity mars “Is That a Tear.” “Different Man” finds the artist drowning his sorrows at a bar.

Summary Advisory

At barely 33 minutes in length, this brief project has a lot to say. Too bad its positive messages are overshadowed by unruliness. For more edifying country music, young fans of Tracy Lawrence should sample CCM soundalikes Ken Holloway and Jeff Silvey.

Bob Waliszewski
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