Toni Braxton


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Braxton expresses appreciation to the man in her life on “How Many Ways,” and acknowledges that relationships require effort on “You Mean the World to Me” (“Now it’s gonna take some workin’ . . . tell me you’ll always be true”).

Objectionable Content

Premarital sex is indirectly condoned on “Love Affair” when she rejects sex with another out of devotion to a boyfriend. Such lyrical ambiguity invades several cuts, leaving the listener to fill in the relational context (“Breathe Again,” “Spending My Time with You”). A preoccupation with unfaithful lovers and dysfunctional attitudes also mars this effort. Braxton complains that her lover has been “hittin’ every girl in town” (“Seven Whole Days”) and even sleeping with her best friend (“Best Friend”).

Summary Advisory

A very talented woman. But dynamic vocals can’t save this disappointing debut mired in mixed messages.

Bob Waliszewski
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