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Country power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have collectively won more than 80 awards and sold an estimated 120 million albums. But they’ve never made an album together … until now. On The Rest of Our Life, McGraw and Hill have joined their Grammy-winning forces. And fans are obviously thrilled, with many dates on the duo’s current Soul 2 Soul tour selling out quickly.

Hill and McGraw have famously forged through many ups and downs, battling rumors along the way at times, during their 21-year marriage. But their chemistry still causes sparks to fly as they commit to living the rest of their lives together on this collaborative effort’s 11 tracks.

Pro-Social Content

In the title track, Tim and Faith describe their desire to grow old together, playfully asking, “Have you made plans for the rest of your life?” And break out the tissues for “Sleeping in the Stars,” where we’re told (albeit without theological specifics) that death can’t completely rob us of our loved ones: “When God calls me home/… Just know I’ll never be too far away.”

Romantic imagery fills “Cowboy Lullaby,” as a man metaphorically compares himself and the woman he loves to wild horses “underneath that Milky Way ceiling” who desire to throw off “cares and troubles/And go somewhere no one’s ever gone before.”

On “Roll the Dice,” a couple agrees to give their relationship everything they’ve got and to “go all in.” Similar themes turn up in “D–n Good at Holding On.” Despite the profanity in that song’s title, we hear nevertheless hear a couple emphasize their determination to stay true to each other, no matter what.

Meanwhile, a couple caught in conflict—but still in love—wonders who will “Break First” and speak to the other to make amends. In “Telluride” a man meets a woman who “stole [his] heart” and says it always “feels like home” when he’s by her side. “Speak to a Girl” tells a man how to treat a woman well: not caring too much about money but respecting her enough to offer his heart, not just providing material comforts.

Objectionable Content

In “Devil Callin’ Me Back” a man is physically intimate with a seductive “devil” woman whom, he says, may “be the death” of him due to her wily ways.

A couple of tracks allude to Tim and Faith’s physical intimacy—a reality that’s good in their marriage but one that doesn’t need to be shared with fans. On “Roll the Dice, for instance, we hear, “Just kiss me again and again/My skin against your skin.” On “D–n Good At Holding On,” Faith sings “Oh, kiss me baby/Tell me that you love me even though I know sometimes you hate me/… Let me remind you/How you can’t resist me in the dark.” And “The Bed We Made” suggestively winks at what this loving couple did to “the bed we made this morning” when they say that their bedroom now looks like it’s “been hit by a hurricane.”

In “Break First” a woman is “standing at the bar tryin’ to get a drink” wondering if she and her lover will reunite. She asks, “What the h— are we doin’?” And in “Love Me to Lie,” a couple is lying in bed together as a woman realizes “it might be over.” She also says that it “kills my heart to know you gonna have to go,” and accuses, “You must really love me to lie to me.”

In “Telluride” a couple chronicles their “vagabond” and “gypsy fool” adventures, which includes sharing a cigarette and making “good love.”

Summary Advisory

These days, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw can be seen swooning over each other as they recall both the good ol’ days as well as the many good years ahead that they anticipate enjoying together. In an interview with CBS, the couple also talked honestly about their marriage: the fights, the commitment and everything in between.

Their vulnerability makes them seem real and relatable—characteristics that carry over into The Rest of Our Life as well.
Their first album together focuses mostly on love (and a little on heartbreak), while at the same time giving us portraits of honesty and the depths of marital intimacy.

At times, that latter element may go a bit further than fans want to know about describing this couple’s physical intimacy. And a few mild profanities and a bit of rebellious behavior turn up too. That said, this country music power couple’s union obviously has what it takes to stand the test of time, and those “secrets” about love and commitment are mostly dispensed in fan-pleasing ways here.

Kristen Smith
Kristin Smith

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