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Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

A Jamie Foxx duet finds T.I. hoping to one day “Live in the Sky,” but …

Objectionable Content

He’s clueless about what it takes to get to heaven on “Stand Up Guy” (“I know God sees the heart, and I’m a stand-up guy”). Oh, really? Nearly every track is riddled with f-bombs, while people in his songs get riddled with bullets (“King Back,” “Ride Wit Me,” “Undertaker,” “Top Back,” “Get It”). The lyrics “Put holes in ya ’til your clothes leak” and “Shoot at any [expletive] car you ain’t seen before” represent the violent posturing on at least a dozen cuts. T.I. brags about selling illicit drugs (“Good Life,” “Top Back,” “I’m Straight,” “Ride Wit Me”) and abusing them (“Front Back,” “What You Know,” “Stand Up Guy”). He also calls women “b–ches.” That disrespect carries over into casual sexual conquests, which he describes in explicit terms on “Hello,” “Undertaker” and “Why You Wanna.”

Summary Advisory

Most notorious for filming a rap video from jail, Clifford J. Harris (aka T.I.) recently made a name for himself as the star of the movie ATL. With street cred to spare, he’s assaulting music fans with thug violence, lewd sex and blue language worthy of the warning label.

Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser
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