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Thirteen years ago, in 2008, Taylor Swift released her sophmore album, Fearless. It went straight to the top of the charts. In 2018, Tayor signed to a new label and her master recordings for Fearless were aquired by her previous label, Big Machine Records.

Unable to aquire the rights to her original work, she decided to rerecord the entire album, taking back control of her music rights that had been denied.

She’s calling her personally recorded version: Fearless (Taylor’s Version). On it, the original songs sound almost exactly same, with some improvements on sonic quality. But the real draw for fans here are six additional songs “from the vault” featuring collaborations from Keith Urban and Maren Morris that we’re letting you know about below. 

The content review below is for those additional six songs, so be sure to read our review of the original version of Fearless as well.

Pro-Social Content

“That’s When” is a sweet song featuring Keith Urban that finds a couple forgiving past mistakes (“And I said, leave those all in our past”) and moving forward together.

While the title sounds provocative, “You All Over Me” just finds Taylor singing about a previous relationship that’s difficult to move on from (“But no amount of freedom gets you clean/I’ve still got you all over me”). Similar thoughts are heard on “Bye Bye Baby.”

Taylor tells an ex-boyfriend not to toy with her feelings in “Don’t You.”

Objectionable Content

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” is all about a boyfriend who continuously treated Taylor poorly: “Hello Mr. Causally Cruel/Mr. Everything Revolves Around You.”

Summary Advisory

These six new songs harken back to an earlier time when Taylor worked through heartbreak and young love but didn’t rely on profanity or sensual suggestions as heavily to tell those stories.  

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