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Adam R. Holz
Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

Frontman Corey Taylor values love and freedom (“Sillyworld”), seeks to move past pain (“Made of Scars”) and owns up to his actions, refusing to be patronized as a victim (“Hell & Consequences”). Despite fears and anxiety he keeps fighting his demons on “Socio” (“I guess I’ll try again today”), “Cardiff” (“I won’t give this life away again”) and the screamo track “1st Person” (“I’m gonna give it all/I’ll never give up”). He doesn’t have the answers but is famished for whatever more there is to this life.

Objectionable Content

Sadly, the CD ends with “Zzyzx Road,” on which Taylor gives in to existential exhaustion (“I’m too tired to care … don’t mind if I just fade away”). Equally weary and defeatist, “Your God” concludes, “I guess I’ll have to die.” “1st Person” argues that everything is a lie and that how we process those lies is determined by our allegiances. Many lyrics contain profanities and obscenities. S-words. F-words. Even on the better tracks. The raving “Come What(ever) May” recklessly blasts President Bush. Taylor wants to be God on “30/30-150.”

Summary Advisory

Stone Sour (named for an alcoholic beverage) has issues. Raw language. Hostility. But unlike the unbridled hate and self-destructive nihilism of Taylor’s other band, Slipknot, the anger here focuses more on disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the state of things. It’s a cry for help from a grieving man who wants to believe things can improve. Skip the disc. Pray for the band.

Adam Holz, Director of Plugged In
Adam R. Holz

After serving as an associate editor at NavPress’ Discipleship Journal and consulting editor for Current Thoughts and Trends, Adam now oversees the editing and publishing of Plugged In’s reviews.

Bob Smithouser
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