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R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Lines on “I Love to Give You Light” credit a mother with sharing wisdom. The rapper praises a “Perfect” woman and thanks another for being reliable (“Girl Like U”). “No Thang on Me” rejects marijuana and recommends getting high on life. However …

Objectionable Content

Nine cuts promote drugs or alcohol in the form of Cristal, Alize, blunts, weed, mushrooms and Malibu. A half-dozen others are disturbingly misogynistic, treating women as emotionless playthings to be used and discarded (“Take advice from a player/Don’t love her, just play her”). “Can U Control Yo Ho” tells men, “You gotta put that b–ch in her place/Even if it’s slapping her in her face.” “I’m Threw Witchu” verbally abuses a woman with equal fervor. “Step Yo Game Up,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Bang Out” mention oral sex. “Let’s Get Blown” and “Fresh Pair of Panties On” feature crass sexual propositions. Raw language throughout ranges from f- and s-words to racially charged slang and anatomical dysphemisms. Thug violence crashes “Can I Get a Flicc Witchu” (“I freak your sister/Push the pistol up against her”), “Oh No” (“My gat’ll go boom/ Bullets go zoom/Now your name’s on a tomb”) and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (“Cement shoes … Your family’s crying, now you on the news”). Spiritual remarks such as “I’m gonna keep walkin’ like Jesus” aren’t just hollow, they’re offensive.

Summary Advisory

Don’t let a CD pic of Snoop praying fool you. This disc is about drugs, casual sex, misogyny and thuggery. In other words, if it barks like a Dogg it’s still a dog.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton