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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On “Holiday in My Head,” the singer points out that “the line is thin between fun and sin” as he advises listeners not to take the media at face value. “Your Man” appreciates a loving, patient lady. A cynic in the game of romance gets blown away when a girl catches his eye (“I’m a Believer”). People’s differences are applauded on “Shoes ’n’ Hats” (“The shoes you wear ain’t the shoes I’d wear/But I don’t care/You’ve got things to say”). On “Keep It Down,” the singer has learned not to obsess over petty details. With tongue in cheek, “Sister Psychic” challenges the legitimacy of a TV fortune-teller. “Disenchanted” recognizes that we have to make the most of our one shot at life, however . . .

Objectionable Content

The singer meets his true love at a liquor store. “She Turns Me On” rattles off a long list of apparent lovers, including Mary Jane (a pot reference?). Being part of “The In Set” may involve drugs. A mild profanity mars “Pacific Coast Party.”

Summary Advisory

The band’s first disc, Fush Yu Mang, was full of obscenities. Since then, the guys in Smash Mouth have turned a corner onto a better avenue. “It’s important to present something positive,” says songwriter Gregory Camp, “I feel I have a certain responsibility.” That’s great, though passing nods to drugs and alcohol could still trip up teens.

Bob Waliszewski
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