Unleash the Dragon


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On “Incomplete,” Sisqó values a woman more than fortune or fame. The obscure “Enchantment Passing Through” appears to condemn slavery.

Objectionable Content

Street violence erupts on the title track as the artist threatens to blow up a foe with a car bomb. He bullies his woman on the lyrically pornographic “Got to Get It.” Equally misogynistic, “You Are Everything Remix” refers to women as “b–ches” and “hos”—little more than sexual playthings. Indeed, Sisqó’s one-track mind focuses below the belt. Self-centered sexuality takes the fore on “2Nite/How Can I Love U 2Nite,” “Got to Get It” and “Is Love Enough.” Obscenities and explicit slang aggravate the rutting singer’s hormonal fixations. “Love” and “sex” are merely synonyms here, creating moral confusion and implying that good sex can launch a more meaningful relationship (“So Sexual,” “Your Love Is Incredible”). “Thong Song” listens in as a man lusts after a woman wearing next to nothing.

Summary Advisory

Sisqó, who started out as a member of Dru Hill and is currently traveling with ’N Sync, uses smooth vocals and hypnotic R&B grooves to set the tone for come-ons worthy of Dragon’s parental advisory sticker. An immature, selfish stab at cheap erotic thrills.

Bob Waliszewski
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