The Globe Sessions


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Crow regrets treating a man shabbily and accepts responsibility for their breakup (“The Difficult Kind”). An isolated line on “Am I Getting Through”alludes to Jesus’ love. “Crash and Burn” considers a jilted woman’s suicide attempt foolish . . .

Objectionable Content

But on the same cut, Crow uses a bottle to drown her own pain. “There Goes the Neighborhood” finds the artist sampling drugs (LSD) as she parties with “drag queens” and “freaks” (“I dropped acid on a Saturday night just to see what the fuss was about”). A lack of spiritual faith, plus the theological misconception that “time washes everyone clean,” spoil “Riverwide.” “Members Only”refers to people who “shake their a–es.”

Summary Advisory

A mainstay on the main stage at Lilith Fair, Crow paints a lyrical self-portrait here, referring to herself as ignorant, crude, rude and foul (“Am I Getting Through”). The drug reference alone should discourage teens from sitting in on Sessions. Introduce fans to CCM’s Jennifer Knapp or Margaret Becker instead.

Bob Waliszewski
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