Knock on the Sky


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Everybody Wants You” reminds fans that beauty is just skin deep by warning a popular girl who’s showy and shallow, “All the hype and hot air can’t cover up what’s under there.” These ladies want to make a difference in the world as the “hidden” title track states, “We’re gonna use imagination to try and move a generation.” A girl takes full responsibility for a failed relationship (“Mine All Mine”). Fond memories of time spent with a caring father appear on “Now” (“If I could be 13 again/To live with no regret . . . and I could feel my dad as he’s holding me in his arms”). On “Man Going Down,” a woman rebounding from romantic disappointment wants a strong, stable partner. Elsewhere, falling in love is an emotional “Rush,” and the singer on “I’m Lit” expresses excitement about being smitten by a special guy, however . . .

Objectionable Content

She uses slang associated with drunkenness (lit, bent, another shot, come clean, etc.) to do it. Theological confusion finds the singer praying to an angel on “The First to Let Go.” After being cut loose by her man, a pitifully codependent woman turns to alcohol (“Keep Me”).

Summary Advisory

Sisters Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy learned to harmonize by singing along with their parents’ 8-track tapes on long family drives. Several CDs and award nominations later, SHeDAISY maintains a sunny outlook on life and love. Apart from a couple of alcohol-related rough spots, Knock on the Sky is pretty positive.

Bob Waliszewski
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