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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Overcoming difficult circumstances is the focus of “Maria Maria” and “Do You Like the Way” which says, “Give thanks ’cause we’re alive and been through the gutter . . . Take the average mind and expand it . . . If you want to get then give.” “Love of My Life” expresses love and devotion while “Smooth” finds the singer willing to make sacrifices to improve life for the woman he loves. “Put Your Lights On” asks God for strength and urges listeners to be beacons in this often dark world. A hidden track celebrates liberation, freedom and redemption, while “Migra” is an appeal for brotherly love (“People, let’s love one another/I know we know how”).

Objectionable Content

A man favors gloom over happiness on the pessimistic “Wishing It Was.” Eclectic CD art and liner notes blend Catholicism with references to Buddhism and rock-star shamans. A Spanish vulgarity mars “Migra.”

Summary Advisory

Since breaking into the music biz in 1966, Carlos Santana has recorded more than 25 albums. He also played the very first Woodstock. Why has this disc won favor with younger music fans? It could be Santana’s superb guitar work, but odds are it’s the guest appearances by a small galaxy of ’90s stars. Lauryn Hill. Dave Matthews. Everlast. Eagle-Eye Cherry. With only minor lyrical exceptions, Supernatural earns high marks and may actually help bridge a musical generation gap in many homes.

Bob Waliszewski
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